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Select order settings in the editor
Automatic order execution without calling the operator
Number of copies
for 1piece
3% discount
for online payment
in the editor
Free delivery by mail in Tashkent from 500,000 soums

Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout.
It is easy to change text, photos, pictures in the design. It is convenient to edit and visualize your ideas.
Number of sheets in the notebook: 50 sheets.

When ordering in the online editor:
  • Production time: 24 hours (for orders up to 500,000 soums)
  • You can order from a smartphone, while the full functionality is available from a computer
Designer paper, other materials and sizes, white printing, changing the thickness of the notebook, editing and design services are available when ordering in the pavilion.

The orientation of the binding

the Cover is wide
Binding is performed on the wide side of the document
Binding on the narrow side
prints will be made on the narrow side of the document

Paper for int. sheets

the Leaves in a cage
is the Most popular and practical option.
White sheets
is a Great solution for those who like to draw.

Printing back cover

Print back cover
check the box if the back cover need to print the image. Otherwise the back cover will be without printing (white thick paper).


Coating a transparent film. Protects from external influences and gives a presentable appearance.

Type of lamination

Emphasizes the saturation and brightness of the printed image.
does Not glare and gives a respectable appearance to the finished product.

Other order options?

Notebooks Night

Book notebooks Night for your occasion:

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star star star star star
Thank you so much!!! No need to go anywhere: on the website ordered, with the operator discussed the courier met! In my case it was very important!
About print
The speed and quality of work is excellent!
About delivery
Fast and quality service
star star star star star
We ordered notebooks as a gift. Everything was done on time and efficiently. Thank you for the good work!
star star star star star
Did notebooks in the online editor, the interface is very comfortable! Very nice discount when ordering through the online editor and online payment. The time for work is even less than the stated 24 hours. The quality of performance at altitude! Really liked how the order was executed! In the pavilion ready order is issued without waiting. The staff is very friendly! 10 out of 10!
star star star star star
I ordered a notebook with art print on the cover, A5 format, matte cover
About design
Everything is neat and presentable, helped to solve with the drawing on the reverse side, which was very useful))))
About Product
Well packed, it was ready the next day after the order, it came pretty quickly: 4 days by mail to the village
About print
10/10, I advise you, you won't regret it
About delivery
Very friendly staff, 10/10
star star star star star
Pryemnyya supratsoyniki. Kind yakas. Byvayut chergi
star star star star star
Many thanks to the head of the pavilion Oksana. When placing an order, I did not notice the transparency, I called to explain why there is a color discrepancy. They responded to my problem and solved it in a short time! Many thanks for your customer orientation and friendly communication with customers!
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