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Prices, discounts, deadlines

Order lamination of documents, business cards, postcards, calendars

Additional protection and presentable appearance
Lamination protects the printout from external physical influences, the action of moisture, burnout in the sun. Lamination is also used to give business cards, postcards, diplomas, catalog covers and brochures an additional matte effect or glossy sheen.

Prices, discounts, deadlines
Sheet pocket lamination
Name/Quantity1 - 910 - 1920 - 4950 - 99>99
up to A4, 250 microns (glyanevy)69006600630060005700
A4, 75-100 microns (matt glossy, glossy with adhesive layer)63006000570054005100
A4, 250 microns (matte, glossy)69006600630060005700
A3, 100 microns (matte, glossy)11300108001030098009300
A3, 250 microns (matt, glossy)1880017800168001580014800
Roll lamination, per sheet A3*
Name/Quantity1 - 910 - 4950 - 99100 - 299300 - 499>499
Glossy, 32 microns26300222001810014000120009900
Matte, 30 microns225001940016300132001200010100
Super matt, 30 microns288002104016720135201180010080
Glossy, 75 microns288002470020600165001400012400
Matte, 75 microns288002344019640158401392012400
Glossy, 100 microns238001936016480130001176010120
Matte, 100 microns288002380021560174801520013280
Glossy, 250 microns436003648032320256802280019960
  • * The minimum cost is defined as the cost of 3 sheets of A3 lamination
  • Prices are indicated for urgent production. Deadlines for the execution of large circulation orders are negotiated additionally. Read more in Telegram: +998908267307
Features of lamination of some documents of the customer
Lamination of some documents (for example, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.) is carried out under the responsibility of the customer, since after lamination such documents may be invalidated.

Dimensions, materials, technologies

Technologies, sizes, materials, laminations A4, A3

A4, A3 lamination technology
The lamination film is applied to the printout using a laminator. The film (due to the presence of glue on it), under the influence of hot laminator shafts, is securely fixed to the surface of paper or self-adhesive film. Hot lamination (up to A3 format) allows the use of dense laminating films with a thickness of 250 microns, which give additional rigidity to the printout. In cold large-format lamination (for A2, A1, A0 and other formats, max. width up to 600 mm), a film of 80 microns is used.

Pocket and roll lamination
Double-sided hot lamination is used for lamination of A5, A4, A3 format printing. Pocket or roll lamination is used:
  • Pocket lamination is used for lamination of badges, cards, passes, pictures, and other A4, A3 sheet documents. The product is placed in the "pockets" of the film, then the "sandwich" is passed through the laminator. As a result of the process, in addition to gluing the film to the material, the edges of the film are glued 5 mm on each side, due to which the pocket lamination of documents is the most reliable: the edges of the product will not bend during prolonged use.
  • Roll lamination is used for lamination of business cards, notebooks, folders, products of non-standard formats with a width less than the width of the lamination roll, which is 310 mm. Rolled laminate is applied to the material, and the excess film is cut off along the edge.

Lamination size and density
For pocket lamination, the following sizes and thickness of laminating films are always available:
  • Smaller than A4 format: density 250 microns – glossy (54×86 mm, 65×94 mm, 70×100 mm, 75×105 mm, 90×130 mm)
  • Formats A6, A5: density 250 microns - glossy
  • A4 format: density 75-100 microns – matte, glossy, glossy with an adhesive layer; 250 microns – glossy
  • A3 format: density 100, 250 microns – matte, glossy

Hot roll lamination is represented by films with the following characteristics:
  • maximum width: 310 mm
  • Maximum length: 1 - 1.5 meters
  • 30, 75, 100 and 250 microns: glossy - emphasizes the saturation and brightness of the printed image; 30 microns - almost invisible on the surface of the printout, 250 microns - gives the product additional rigidity, is used for lamination of badges, passes, discount cards, etc.
  • 30, 75, 100 microns: matte - gives a respectable look to the finished product, allows you to make inscriptions and marks on the surface, does not glare
  • 30 microns: super matt - pleasant to the touch surface, gives luxury and exclusivity to printed products, does not glare
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