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Купить CD, DVD диски
Buy CDs, DVDs
CDs and DVDs are a classic way of storing information, they are reliable and durable. Scanned documents, promotional materials for clients, layouts created by our designers, digitized videos from old cassettes and other files - all this can be recorded on discs in the Deprinte printing house. You don't have to spend time specifically to buy CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW and DVD-RW discs - they are always available in our pavilions.
Печать на дисках, наклейки на диски
Printing and stickers on discs
Printing on a disc will make it visually more spectacular, a CD cover with a unique design will give the disc a finished look and exclusivity.
Записать архивные диски m-disc
Archive disks
Deprinte Printing house provides data recording services to Verbatim MDISC archive disks, providing ultra-long storage of information. In combination with the "3-2-1" backup strategy, these disks provide almost infinitely long storage of your data. This is achieved by using a layer of patented high-strength inorganic material on which information is recorded. The material is resistant to high temperatures, magnetic fields and light. Verbatim MDISC CDs and DVDs are designed for single write and multiple read, and are fully compatible with all optical disk drives.
Запись на дискету
Writing to a floppy disk
A 3.5" floppy disk nowadays is an outdated option for storing information, while there are still computer systems that use only floppy disks as removable storage media. In addition, a 3.5" floppy disk is a symbol of a whole epoch, so one will be an original gift for fans of vintage things from the IT sphere.
Prices and discounts
Prices and discounts
CD-R recording316003080024400
CD-RW recording352003440028000
DVD-R recording392003440027200
DVD-RW recording504004560038400
Recording on DVD-R m-disc1028009800090800
Recording on Blu-ray m-disc221200213600209600
Writing to a 3.5" floppy disk33200
  • With a circulation of 1-4 discs, the price of the disc is included in the record
  • For copies of 5 or more discs, a replication service is performed - a copy of one original. Without the price of the disk.
  • Upload your files using the form below. To transfer files over 200 MB, contact the operator in Telegram: +998908267307..
Our works
Recording and replication of discs. Delivery in Tashkent

dePrinte printing house - in the center of Tashkent, near the metro

Where are we located:
12 Afrosiab str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 100015

Work schedule:
Mon-PC: 10.00 - 19.00;
Sat-Sun: Day off

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I ordered a picture through an online editor. We did it quickly and efficiently. I will contact you again, and I hope for discounts for regular customers)
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A good center with a wide range of services. Orders are executed promptly. It is possible to send by e-mail. By mail
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Everything is fine, it opens at 07:00, I just needed until 09:00. Thanks
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After placing the order, the employee called back within half an hour, and an hour later the order was ready. The quality is super and only pleasant impressions from communication. Thanks!
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I printed pictures on A3 in color, I am satisfied with the quality, and the price too. I also bought A3 files there to hang on my wall. Thank you for your work!
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Thanks for the cool photos!! It is convenient to order online and fast delivery!!
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